Monday, December 13, 2010

ADFD Surprise Release - 12.13.10

WOOHOO - Tammy has a surprise release today!!! Look at all these cute little guys.... don't you want to take at least ONE of these little bundles of energy home?!? You can find them in the "Just Picked" section of the shop....


  1. OhBOY! They are just the cutest! The little one with his hand on his mum's tum is Nicholas cos he looks just like my oldest at age 3 when I was expecting my middle son, Blayne - blond hair, blue eyes, skinny arms and legs! and the three in the tree are my three boys, Nick, Blayne and Kellan always up to something and keeping mom on a hop (they still do!) Tammy, they are gorgeous and you must have my boys in mind when you created them!

  2. These are gorgeous Tammy. And what a nice surprise release :)