Friday, May 10, 2013

May Club Kit Week 2 & A Giveaway...

Good morning and happy Friday!!! We are revisiting the May Club Kit and showing off the "mom" images this week! You still have a couple days to make Mother's Day cards! These would also be make gorgeous new baby or baby shower cards & gifts, too! Aren't they amazing?!? Have you bought your kit yet??? Well, if not, you're in luck... one lucky commentor between now and Sunday evening at midnight PST will WIN THE MAY CLUB KIT!!!

Leave a comment telling us about your favorite Mother's Day!

Here's more inspiration from the DT... 

Don't forget, there's still time to play in the current challenge...


  1. These are gorgeous images.
    My favorite Mother's Day is spending it with my kids who always spoil me :). I like to send my mum a special card - she's live too far away to visit.

    Hugs, Mette

  2. What lovely images.

    My favorite Mother's Day is just spending time with my family.

  3. I love these images. Precious!
    My favorite Mother's Day was the year after my son was born. I had him at 40. I waited so long for the flowers and silly presents. I got a plaque-like frame. Part frame, part a verse about being a mom. A rose still sits on that frame that he picked me years ago...

  4. Mother's day is always bittersweet for me, since my mom passed away 11 years ago. But my own children do bring me so much joy. Today my 4 year old brought me home a shrinky dink necklace he made at school with a picture of him and me that he drew. That's my favorite memory, so far this year!

  5. Gorgeous images!
    My favorite Mother's Day was the first one I celebrated with my son, I just could not believe I was a Mom, still today I can't believe it. I am so blessed.

  6. My Mom passed away 8 years ago. Before that, my whole family (siblings, their kids and almost always a few extras...) would go to The Chicken House for dinner after Church. It was so awesome to have everyone gathered around a BIG table. Lots of flowers were exchanged as we honored our Mom and we as new mother's were honored as well. Now, my favorite Mother's Day is any Mother's Day when I am able to spend it with my own married children... Happy Mother's Day to all!!

  7. May is a special month for me - my birthday, Mother's Day and a few other family occasion. My daughter graduated last year from the Jagiellonian University and now works in Cracow. When she was still in college, she suddenly came on Mother's Day to me (two days after my birthday). In Poland we celebrate it on May 26. It was for me the greatest joy, because the distance between us is 400 km.

  8. First I have to say your images are so beautiful!
    My favourite Mother's Day was a few years ago, we went to a wonderful "Mother's Day" brunch after church and then spent the afternoon visiting in our backyard. The lilacs were in full bloom and their scent was simply intoxicating.

  9. Loving the new images, but finding it hard to enjoy this Mother's Day. It's the first one that I don't have my Mother. She passed away just two months ago. I still have two other Mothers to make cards for, but the joy isn't in it for me this year.
    My favorite Mother's Day memory is when my son and husband left me alone all day to craft to my heart's content. Hopefully, I'll get the same "gift" this year.

    1. my prayers are with you this year as you face Mother's Day without your mother. may the loving memories you carry with you somehow bring you a bit of happiness.

  10. my gosh, all of these projects shared by the DT are simply gorgeous. this release is one of my faves yet! :)

    I have several Mother's Days that stand out in my mind - one was when I was still pregnant with our first son. my husband was away for his sister's college graduation, but sent me flowers to say 'Happy Mother's Day' to me. it was my first official Mother's Day, and it was so heart-warming that he thought to send flowers to me.

    the other day that is special was the morning I awoke to find the hallway outside my bedroom and staircase covered in paper hearts. each heart had a special note from either my husband or one of my sons written upon it. it was beautiful! :)

  11. Thanks for the chance to win, I love all these images!

    I have one quite funny memory about Mother's Day that I'd like to share... I was about 10 and was playing the clarinet in a wind band for children. The band always played outside and did some marching on Mother's Day to celebrate all the mums. Well, one year it was still freezingly cold, it was SNOWING on Mother's Day... We had got instructions that if it was below 5 celsius (or something), we wouldn't march but despite the snow and all, I put on my band uniform and FORCED my mum to take me to the market place where the march would have started... I was so eager! Well, of course there was no one there and no marching happened but I can still remember me and my mum standing there in the snow, me all ready in my uniform to go and start playing... :)

  12. Beautiful images, as always!
    Every Mother's Day is special (I'm really close to my mom) but my favorite to date was MY first Mother's Day as a mom! This will be my 4th, and it's such a special feeling! :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Both grandmothers lived in the same town, so we were pretty torn between invitations until we decided to make Mothers Day our yearly wildflower run out to the desert, or up to the Lancaster Poppy Preserve. Our special days as a family, although as the boys got bigger, they got too tall to sit three across comfortably in the backseat of the car. Our new tradition is a Mother/Sons afternoon where they take me out to lunch and a movie that I want to see....and it has extended to their girlfriends coming along too! Dad has to work at the Happiest Place on Earth on holidays like Mother's Day, so it all works out well!

  14. Our Mother's day here in the UK was back in March. My favourite Mother's day was about 9 years ago when my daughter was away at Medical School. It was her first year away and I knew it would be a difficult one for me with her not being there. I was quite sad also as on the Saturday there was no card in the post....I thought she may have forgotten. The next morning the doorbell rang and there she was in person......she had come home just for the day from Leeds (in NE England) to say happy Mother's day and deliver the card and flowers in person. I was just so pleased to see her ;0) She is now expecting her first baby and next year will be her own Mother's exciting.

  15. These are stunning stunning images, such a wonderful array of loving stamps.
    My favourite Mothers Day was when my Son was a youngster at
    School and came home with a Mother's Day card. Being dyslexic I couldn't read what he had wrote in the card but told him how very clever he was and could he read it out to me. He'd wrote, I love you very much but why do you have to be so annoying always telling me off! I asked him had all the other children wrote the same sort of thing in their cards to which he answered No, they just wrote Happy Mother's Day.
    To this day I always smile when I remember this card which has to be one of my favourite memories, I just loved his honesty, innocence and uniqueness.

  16. Another great kit this month! My fave memory was when my sister and I made our Mom breakfast in bed. We weren't allowed to cook, so we made sandwiches and cold tea, mixed with coffee left in the pot from the night before! She was so touched that she drank it anyway and we all had a great pillow fight after! This year is the first after Mom passed due to cancer, so it has been tough, but we cherish our memories always.
    Hugs to all the Moms out there!

  17. Gorgeous cards from the DT... and I have enjoyed reading the rest of the crafters comments. I have always loved Mothers Day from being a young child... it always meant the whole family getting together for a celebration meal, happy memories :o), but i think since my children have been born it makes the day even more extra special, my most memorable Mothers Day was when my first child was born and inside my mothers day card was a tiny hand and footprint - my husband had had great fun inking up Sarah's hand and foot and he said he got more ink on him than our little girl :o) Still have the card in my memory box.

  18. The images are really so pretty! The cards are showcasing each image so well!!
    I don't have children, but have a godchild (BF's daughter) and 'adopted' my next door neighbour's kids.
    My godchild got married this year and my neighbour's second grandchild was baptized the same week. I really felt a bit like a proud mother/grandmother.

  19. I love these new images. They are beautiful. It is so hard to find pretty images of pregnant ladies...they are usually so cheesy and just show a frazzled woman instead of making her beautiful.

    I think my favorite Mother's Day was in 2008. I had only 2 days before found out I was pregnant with my daughter, and my son had to be hospitalized for breathing troubles. I spent 2 days and nights in the hospital with him. He was only 1 1/2 at the time. We went home on Mother's Day. I had been so worried for him, and so exhausted from the new pregnancy. But I was so grateful to go home with my healthy boy, and my new baby inside me.
    Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

  20. Gorgeous gorgeous cards... love these images.

    I think my favourite mother's day was possibly last year... where I got a very nice unexpected (and unintended) present... cos my laptop suddenly died an irreperable death on mother's day and, knowing I can't live without it, my lovely hubby went out and got me a replacement one as a mother's day gift! :lol:


  21. I adore these images!!
    My fav Mothers day was one that i didn't KNOW it was my favourite until years later- When I was clearing my mums house after she died suddenly 15 yrs ago, i found a note that i had written to her . We both worked at the same old peoples nursing hospital about 30 yrs ago and i had left her a note asking her to pick up my wages when she picked up hers ( we got paid cash in those days) . The note says "please keep my wages to buy yourself something nice for mothers day ) I wish I could do that now :)

  22. Just wondering if a lucky comment was chosen as the winner of the fab giveaway? It probably is posted somewhere, but I have looked a few times and couldn't see a name. I am really enjoying using my new digi purchases from ADFD, so many ideas, so little time...