Saturday, February 11, 2017

Aloha Florals - GDT Aurora Marco

How gorgeous is this version of Aloha Florals from our one of this month's guest designers, Aurora Marco?!?  Her overall coloring and that itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie polka dotted bikini is positively divine!!  The sentiment is so true, too.  These voluptuous beauties all exude self-confidence and a love of themselves, which is so refreshing. 

Doesn't Aurora's work make you want to rush over to the ADFD shop and color one up yourself?
There are six women in the Aloha Beauties collection.  Each one is uniquely beautiful!  
They were originally introduced in on the AFD Blog in April 2013.


  1. are you aware of the typo in the sentiment: withing??

    1. I really hesitated to write but figured you'd want to know. I even considered was there a difference like the way the English spell condolences differently than we in the USA do.

  2. Oh no! No, I didn't realised!! :P

  3. I didn't even see that til it was pointed out! LOL! Amazing how our minds see what 'should' be there!

  4. This is really Good and cool update, thanks msbte com

  5. Love the card, the image is coloured so perfectly and the sentiment wonderful. Would never have seen it either if it hadn't been pointed out, how well we train our brains.